Law Enforcement & Public Safety Officers

  • To network and offer ground perspectives on issues and practical consideration in law enforcement.
  • To acquire knowledge on current and best practices


  • To engage in enriching dialogues on current development and best practices in the field of law enforcement.
  • To establish closer regional and international ties for collaborative efforts

Behavioral Scientist

  • To strengthen ties between Home Team (HT) psychological units and intellectual Centers of Excellence.
  • To provide a forum connecting the HT departments, HT psychologist, academia and experts around the world.

Industry Partners

  • To provide a platform for individuals and organizations in the safety and security sectors to convene and consult with other experts in the field.


  • To attain a deeper understanding of the scientific basis underlying work in the HT.
  • To connect and network with industry experts.



  • Violent Extremism and Terrorism
  • Cybercrime, Security, and Insider Threat
  • Critical Incident Leadership
  • SGSecure; Psychology of Community Engagement and Trust
  • Psychology of Community Cohesion and Resilience
  • Leadership and HR
  • Crime, Investigative and Forensic Psychology
  • Rehabilitation and Correctional Psychology
  • Occupational and Organizational Health Psychology
  • Operations and Training Psychology
  • Counseling and Clinical Psychology